What's your Dog's Name?

Somebody stopped me the other day while I was walking with Ullie B and asked me what his or her name was. I smiled and replied with "Ullie". The individual had a puzzled look on their face as most people do when they hear the name Ullie. I quickly stated "he is named after Ulysses Grant".

I have always wondered how other people choose the names for their pets because for our family it is quite easy. Since we are a military family we typically select names of military leaders or someone affiliated with the government, ie. a government official, politician, president.

Our middle dog, Sophie, Sophia, a Yorkshire Terrier, was given to us when she was 2 years old from a former co-worker. She was already named and we felt "Sophie" was a good fit for her. She is my little princess and little butterfly.

Our oldest, Teddy, Theodore is named after Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt. A U.S. Army military war hero who formed and lead the Rough Riders, a former U.S. President and Nobel Peace Prize winner. They say a dog resembles his owner, Teddy and my husband are 'two peas in a pod'. My husband is a retired U.S. Army Ranger who has been through and seen quite a bit and our little Teddy also a Yorkie is tough as nails and will not back down from a fight.

Then there is Ullie, our youngest, named after Ulysses Grant. Ulysses was also a military officer, U.S. President and a little history fact, he was raised in the state of Ohio. Ulysses stood for what he believed in, did not judge, was strong yet gentle at the same time. These character traits describe Ullie to a tee.

We love our three dogs with all our hearts - Teddy, Sophie and Ullie.

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