Is Your Dog Excited To Eat?

When you put your dogs food bowl down, is he/she excited to eat? The big question is do you have to entice them to eat their food? The other day I had a client tell me she had been pouring gravy over her dogs kibble to get her to eat it and hence her dog had gained close to 10 pounds because of this.

I have heard too many of these stories and I wonder 'why' are pet owners doing this. It is clear the dog is telling you something...Hello, they do not like their FOOD! I know as pet owners we want the best for our dogs and sometimes we go out and buy the most expensive kibble or the newest dog food brand on the market but that does not mean your pet is going to 'love it'.

You know when you were a child and whomever was in the kitchen cooking your stomach would start to growl and the corners of your mouth would curl, well that's what we want for our pets. You were looking forward to eating what was brewing in the kitchen.

When their food bowl goes down you should not return home after 8 hours and their kibble still be sitting there. If it is, you have a problem. Or if you have to do what I use to do with my little Sophie, hand feed her because she would not eat her diet dog food, you also have a problem.

Ladies and gentleman your pets are giving you the sign...they do not like their food and it is time for a change.

When you walk through your door are you OR are you not greeted by an excited dog? Well isn't fair to give them something to be excited about some good FOOD!

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