Grand Opening!

Welcome to Ullie B and thank you for visiting. As you may have already read my husband and I began Ullie B All Natural Dog Food two years when our little Sophie was six pounds overweight. We were tired of paying for expensive "diet" dog food she refused to eat unless I hand fed her. On top of all matters, the "diet" dog food was not even working!

I spoke with our vet in regards to homemade meals for our dogs and after "balancing" the recipes, I was given the recommendation to go ahead. I can honestly say, when it is feeding time, the dogs come a running. They enjoy eating, they look forward to it and lastly I do not have to hand feed them.

Please take a look around at our current products - pork, turkey, beef, chicken and fish. All of which are human grade and packed full of fresh vegetables, meat and fruit.

Meet our Family - Sophie, Teddy and Ullie B.

Thank you.

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