Does Your Dog Suffer From Food Allergies or Sensitivities?

According to the top five food allergies dogs suffer from are beef, dairy, wheat, chicken, and eggs. I am not surprised by this because the dog food industry has been flooded with only these few ingredients for decades.

Remember when you were a child and if you got sick no matter what it was, you got an antibiotic. That is exactly what has been happening with the dog food industry. The antibiotics are no longer as effective and the mass production of the day after day after day dog food has caused allergies and/or sensitivities with our loved ones.

The dogs with food allergies or sensitivities can have minor symptoms such as itching their ears and or paws, poor skin and coat, chronic ear or foot infections and may also be accompanied by gastrointestinal symptoms. Major symptoms of allergies and/or sensitivities may include skin conditions (hives, facial swelling, itchiness), gastrointestinal signs (vomiting and/or diarrhea) or a combination of both.

Our pets look to us for their well being. Why not give them the very best we can.

If your loved one shows any signs of allergies or sensitivities to Ullie B please consult with your veterinarian. Your pets safety and well-being is our first priority.

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